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Jay came to our little nest at Bukit 828 condo, Upper Bukit Timah road to take a look and cleansing the house. Jay was professional in his work and constantly update us what’s he’s going to do etc. the process was done with careful planning on Jay’s part and we were happy.

After the process, the house was filled with positive aura and smoothing vibes surrounding it. My family feels good and most importantly comfortable. Jay also gave us a short post briefing of any insights during the process was observed.
In addition, after the cleansing, I used to have this jiggling sore on my back, and it ease the pain. It’s something that it amazes me.

We are heartening to have meet Jay who constantly check in with us and give us pointers about quality life.

The Reiki Energy Healing which I did with Jay boast my confident and quality of life. Amazing positive energy surge in me and I would not hesitate to recommend my friends and lives one to try. It will be amazing and awesome experience. Thanks Jay!

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