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Jay was very thorough in explaining to us how house energising can help with improving energy within the home. They were very patient with any questions we had and explained to us that house energising is more of helping the owners of the home to feel better mentally and spiritually rather than the physical house itself.

They got us to participate in the process of the house energising, placing energised components around areas in our newly purchased resale 5-room HDB as this would be the most effective for the energy of the house to connect with the owners.

Being a new house owner, I wanted to energise the house so that it would feel more like a home to me. After house energising, we felt more comfortable in our home and felt more positive flow of energy within the house.
I would highly recommend Jay for house energising for all those who want to elevate energy flow at home and create more a positive environment. They are really patient with any questions you might have and also would give you advice on how to keep positive energy flow within the home and your loved ones.

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