Human Resource Executive / Government Agency

I was introduced to Jay by a mutual friend. I have a problem of procrastination that had affected my way of life negatively. Since I was introduced by a trusted friend, I decided to seek Jay’s advice on which services to try on. He was very patient and knowledgeable and engaged me in both Reiki and Life Coaching sessions.

This is the 1st time trying energy healing and I felt different right after. It is difficult to explain the changes but more of like vibrations, colours and tingling sensations. Most time I fall asleep fast during the session.

Jay’s approach to help me was very much appreciated. I needed time to understand the theory contents and he provided me that safe space and examples that help me understand the basis easier. He shared on brain thoughts and habits which help create an awareness in me.

I enjoyed the sessions and will for sure introduce him to others! Good job Jay!

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