Full Time Housewife

Undergoing some tough times and heard about meditation though family and I was keen to look for a class. I chanced upon Jay’s meditation course and took it on.

It was conducted in his residence, usually between living room for theory and his healing room for practical. It was very cosy and comfortable. Interestingly Jay’s delivery does not just focus on how to meditate but he shares a lot of theory which I feel is essential for me to connect the dots to my practice.

I am very impressed not with just the materials shared but the commitment and dedication as a teacher he gave. He was very patient and always provided encouragement as meditation at the initial phase was not easy to adopt for me. I had 5 sessions altogether and before I reach the 4th session, I was getting a better grasp and started noticing changes in my mood and behaviour. Family and friend around me also notice the positive changes and had feedback to me.

I will recommend anyone interested in meditation to engage Jay. It was a fun yet interesting 5 session journey that made positive changes to my life. Thanks Jay!

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