Assistant Director / Finance Industy

I came to Jay to work on my insomnia issues. I am working full time in a stressful environment and found it hard to fall asleep after a day’s work at home. I was hoping to find some understanding and relief from this issue as it has been affecting my quality-of-life for past few months.

I took both reiki healing and life coaching and was very impressed on how Jay conducted the sessions to match my pace and understanding and most importantly to keep me comfortable during the entire process. The reiki sessions were something new for me. The room was cosy and had a very good vibe. After each session, I feel lighter and less focused on the external thoughts that I usually have.

Jay’s life coaching session felt very much like I was speaking to a good friend who is providing me interesting in sights and possible solutions to eliminating my condition. I got to learn about the 5 stages of sleep and methods and about progressive muscle relaxation exercise which I now use to relax by body to induce sleep. Jay methods and delivery would benefit anyone in need of a solution for their ongoing issues. I will recommend him for sure. Thank you, Jay!

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