Health Care Executive / Govt Health Care

I first started Reiki healing with Jay about 2 years ago. Initially, I started out sceptical about the healing sessions but became a believer in the energy healing.

Jay is very professional and checks knowledgeable in reiki healing as he can explain to me what he is doing. Jay also constantly checks on how I am feeling and will recommend different types of procedures based on my needs. After trying the reiki healing, I feel more confident and at peace and this in turn improves my performance in my work.

The room that Jay uses for reiki healing has always been very relaxing and comfortable for me to the point that I always fall asleep during the sessions. In addition, after the healing sessions, I will also get a good night’s sleep on that day itself as well. I am attending sessions with Jay to rejuvenate myself & I do recommend that you try one of the reiki healing sessions to reap the benefits that reiki healing can bring you.

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