Mindfulness Recharge Workshop
A Transcendence Experience

Mindfulness Recharge Workshop
A Transcendence Experience

Participate in our Mindfulness Recharge Workshop for a Transcendence Experience. Our mindfulness recharge workshop is for those seeking to enhance concentration, clear thinking, innovation, tranquillity, kindness and more. Combining science, theories, and practical activities, the experiences can seamlessly integrate mindfulness into daily life.

Studies and research have shown that mindfulness practices can significantly enhance resilience, proactive mental health, productivity, positive workplace interactions, and organizational flexibility. We tailor mindfulness exercises to suit individual roles, ensuring maximum benefit and avoiding a generic, one-size-fits-all strategy.

*2 days’ workshop conducted either face-to-face or through Zoom virtual platform.
*Electronic certification for attendees provided upon completion of the course.

For more information, reach us through our contact us page for a non-obligatory discovery session. We are more than happy to connect!


Investigations/ Government Agency
Mindfulness classes helped me cope with anxiety-inducing situations. In Singapore’s high-pressure working environment, trying them can benefit your mental and possibly physical health.
Project Manager / Transportation Industry
The theory boosts my self-confidence, and practical sessions distract me from my thoughts, making me feel safer.

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