For Individuals

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki Energy Healing 1 Session / 45mins @ SGD $188 Energy healing aims to boost mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Our approach involves using Reiki energy healing, where we channel universal energy to focus on your chakras. These chakras are crucial for your body’s core functions. Our goal is to cleanse your aura and […]

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching 1 Session / 60mins Coaching Session @ SGD $260 Life coaching at Beyond Psyche involves partnering with a skilled coach to realize your personal and aspirations, focusing on the present to shape your future. We specialize in areas impacting mental health and personal growth, aiding clients in discovering life purposes, overcoming insomnia, healing

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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Therapy

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Therapy 1 Session / 45mins @ SGD $188 The Crystal Bowl Sound Bath is a therapeutic technique that uses Quartz crystal bowls to produce vibrations, aiding in relaxation, stress alleviation, and as an adjunct therapy for conditions like anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. In a session, participants recline and immerse themselves

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Space Energising

Space Energising HDB studio – SGD $450HDB 2 Room – SGD $570HDB 3 room – SGD $700HDB room 4 – SGD $860HDB room 5 – SGD $1000HDB Jumbo & Executive Unit – SGD $1410Private / Condominium Studio – SGD $950Private / Condominium 1 bedroom – SGD $1310Private / Condominium 2 bedroom – SGD $1510Private /

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Mindfulness Workshop

Mindfulness Workshop 3 Sessions / 90mins @ SGD $485 Jay, a seasoned mindfulness instructor, seamlessly integrates traditional and modern practices. His profound journey and belief in mindfulness’s ability to transform our minds and realities drives his dedication to mental wellness. Offering both individual and group sessions, Jay’s expertise provides comprehensive guidance in mindfulness, addressing all

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